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Helping to shape the industry

Not your typical infrastructure contractor, North Rock has diversified to offer clients a wide range of services including municipal servicing of land development projects, water, and wastewater infrastructure, storm water management facilities, underwater marine works and design/build general contracting projects. North Rock collaborates with design firms and manufacturers looking for new ways to improve on the materials methods and processes used in the industry and to anticipate future client needs.

Infrastructure: Any pipe/ Any conditions

Construction of sewer and water main infrastructure represents a significant part of North Rock Group’s projects. With vast expertise on this side of the business North Rock works closely with clients to deliver projects on time and within budget, working with small to large diameters of pipe in all the major materials; concrete, PVC and steel, in various soil and ground conditions from sility sand to granite bedrock. North Rock works in various locations, from heavily traveled roadways to new and existing residential streets.

General Contracting: Quality, value, and innovation

 North Rock Group has established diverse sub trades consistent with their objectives of quality, value and innovation, and commitment to clients. North Rock provides turnkey buildings for commercial and industrial needs and one area of specialization that has emerged is the construction of water and sewage pumping stations. These stations have consisted of fully automated above ground buildings as well as underground reservoirs and storage facilities.

Design/Build: Breaking new ground

Design/build projects have evolved as a result of constant changes in the industry in recent years, and the partnership in the Town of New Tecumseth Sewage Infrastructure Upgrade Design/Build project is a confirmation of North Rock Group’s ability to meet these changes and its commitment. Through the expertise gained in infrastructure, general contracting and design build projects, North Rock Group is able to make a strong contribution to all types of construction project partnerships and their management.